January – Walk of the Month!

Otter on the River Tweed!

29th January 2017


I’ve decided this one is ‘walk of the month’ for January.  We walked it yesterday, having been confined to the house by the truly miserable January weather for a few days.  We convinced ourselves that once we were out and about, all would be well – and it was.  The sun came out followed by all manner of birds and beasts!  I think there was more variety of wildlife on this walk than we’ve ever seen before in one walk!

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Harcourt Hill to Oxford City

Sunday 23rd February 2015 (Day 1, week 8)

Hello people,

We are still in Oxford and had intended a lovely walk around the many waterways of that city today.  However, freezing rain and bitter cold put a stop to that, so instead we walked into Oxford City from the apartment along the Thames, had a meander around town and then, after pizza and wine, caught a bus back.   Too cold even for photos!

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Target – 1000 miles in one year. Weekly goal – 20 miles

Total achieved so far – 156.7 miles (target 160)

Achieved this week – 6.4 miles

Harcourt Hill to Oxford City

Leaving our apartment we walked downhill, under the busy A34 and through an industrial estate to reach the River Thames.  By now the rain was coming down hard and we stopped to put on waterproof trousers.  A few ducks and a ‘lamentation of swans’ greeted us on the river, but it was too cold to linger in the hope of other interesting wildlife, although we did spot a couple of hybrid geese and  some greylags pecking away at the grass on the opposite side.

We hurried along the tow path, following the city centre signs for a couple of miles. The river was fast flowing and murky on our left and on our right the Oxford Nature Park – probably worth seeing in spring but we had no enthusiasm for it today.  Eventually we reached  St Aldgates, the main road into Oxford City Centre and, stopping briefly to remove waterproofs,  headed straight for Oxford City Museum cafe for hot drinks!

The rest of the day we spent loitering around the city, visiting Christ Church Picture Gallery, The Pitt Rivers Museum and shopping, before catching the bus home.

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