About me…..

Rickety = ‘aged’, ‘imperfect’, ‘dilapidated’.


This blog contains the story of my rambles.

Mostly I walk with Mr RR.

Occasionally I might ramble off alone.

Sometimes we’re joined by one or other of our ‘children’ – now all big enough to do their own rambling.

One day we’re hoping to ramble with our gorgeous grandson….

Currently we’re mostly walking in the Scottish Borders, which is where Mr RR and I live now.

On special occasions we get to stray further afield.

Please remember that these posts are just my ramblings, they are what I remember of the walk, what stuck in my mind, what interested me, what I was thinking about. In no way should they be used to plan your own walking – if you want to walk one of these walks – do it safely – get a map, wear the right gear, watch the weather and have fun!


One thought on “About me…..

  1. Wild Daffodil December 14, 2015 / 10:28 pm

    Hey RR! Very glad to ‘meet’ you – thanks for the follow – I’m going to enjoy hearing about your walks – what an amazing goal you have – I’m full of admiration!


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