Last day on Arran!


We were almost defeated by the torrential rain today, almost but not quite!  Having taken a whisky distillery tour at Lochranza Distillery during the worst of the weather, we decided to go for it between showers.  And we were lucky……we stayed dry.  As we were in Lochranza anyway we took a walk along the coast and then up over the hills, looking for the elusive ‘Fairy Dell’  before descending again into Lochranza. About 4 miles I think – although the pedometer has packed up so its just guesswork (I judge distances by the pain in my feet and knees these days!!).

Rainbow over the loch

Views from the hills:




We were haunted the whole way by the eerie sound of the stags as they called to each other across the hills and valleys and then we spotted a group on the top of the ridge:


More rain on the way….
Heading back towards Lochranza

At the bottom of the hill as the route turns into the village itself there’s a golf course.  Today stags had taken over the green:

And that’s it for us on Arran – tomorrow we’re back on the ferry and heading home.  I think we’ll be back!


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