More from Arran!

We’re still here!


Today we visited Lochranza (Loch = lake; ranza = norse for Rowan Tree) where there is not only amazing scenery, but a whisky distillery which has a particularly lovely restaurant.  We had delicious Split Pea and Courgette Soup followed by their famous Warm Brownie and Arran Gold Ice Cream…….scrumptious!  Though not particularly conducive to being followed by rambling!   However, we managed a couple of miles along Catacol Burn towards Gleann Diomhan before the rain came down and the lateness of the hour sent us back again the way we came (I’m not mentioning the fact that someone forgot the map and walk book….).  We were very lucky and tracked down the source of the bellowing which followed us along the way to the local stag population.

Lochranza Castle
Cormorant waiting for the ferry!


Walking along Catacol Burn


Mr RR finding his way through the bog….

Did you know that Arran is home to three species of tree found nowhere else in the world? They are all originate from the rowan tree and are the result of natural hybridisation between the rowan and the rock whitebeam.   They’ve evolved in the last 12,500 years and their total population is less than 900. the Catacol Whitebeam – one of these species is now represented by just one individual tree and is therefore critically endangered.  I don’t think this is it….

Not the Catacol Whitebeam!

Anyway….enough of trees….back to stags:

I’m very excited to have been able to get pictures of these….they were high up on the hills, so some are a bit blurry but even so….


We also caught sight of some of these!

These are Amanita muscaria – also known as Fly Agaric mushrooms.  They’re hallucinogenic and poisonous…..but very pretty!


It’s so beautiful here….it’s impossible not to be completely amazed and overwhelmed by the landscape and the colours and the peacefulness of it all.



I hope you’re enjoying it….see you tomorrow for more!

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