Swans on Yetholm Loch

25th September 2016



A very short ramble today to visit Yetholm Loch which is only about 20 minutes from us in the car, right on the edge of the Cheviot Hills and only a mile or so inside the Scottish Border.

Route: Parked in the lay-by at Lochside, a short walk (maybe 1/2 mile)  along a grassy and part boarded pathway leads to the bird-hide overlooking the loch.

Distance: Less than 1 mile

Yetholm consists of two small villages – Town Yetholm and Kirk Yetholm – 1/4 mile apart on either side of the River Bowmont. 

The name ‘Yetholm’ probably comes from the Old English for ‘Gatehouse Village’ – in the 11th century the border between England and Scotland was drawn through the local area placing Yetholm firmly in Scotland. Just a mile outside of Yetholm is a well hidden sign on the left which leads down a single lane track to a lay-by. Leaving the car here we follow the muddy footpath through the gate and across the boardwalks to Lochside. This beautiful Wildlife Reserve is managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust and is an important area for breeding and wintering wildfowl.  There are also otters here and we’re hoping to catch sight of one maybe – although its probably too late in the day.

View from the bird-hide
There are plenty of swans


And stunning views
A boathouse built in 1913 – originally with a thatched roof
an English Longhorn maybe?

But sadly no otters!!


See you soon!

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