Tiptoeing through the Tulips!

Sunday, 15th May 2016


Just a short walk today from the grounds of Abbotsford House where the tulips are putting on a lovely display.


Abbotsford House Gardens and Grounds (about 1.5 miles)


Our walk takes us around the gardens and along the River Tweed before heading uphill through the woods and back down again to the visitor centre for a cream tea, well brunch really,in Ochiltrees Restaurant.  I thought you might like to see some pictures…..


Abbotsford was once the home of Sir Walter Scott and is now managed by The Abbotsford Trust  (http://www.scottsabbotsford.com ). Scott built the house 200 years ago on the banks of the River Tweed creating beautiful gardens alongside.

There are three walled gardens including this one which is full of tulips at the moment:



More tulips:



Gateway to the grounds:


The building of Abbotsford consumed vast amounts of money and, alongside the poor business acumen of his publishers contributed to Scott’s massive debts and early death.  He worked tirelessly to pay the £116,858 11s 3d that he owed becoming a national treasure in the process.

And here’s Edie Ochiltree who gives his name to the lovely restaurant where today we could sit on the balcony looking out over the house and grounds:


Edie Ochiltree is one of the characters in Sir Walter Scott’s ‘The Antiquary’. An elderly ‘licensed beggar’, he carries news and stories from farm to farm. Scott based this character on a real life ‘strolling beggar’ from The Borders named Andrew Gemmells.



And the view from the cafe where the scones are definitely not to be missed:


See you soon!


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