Hume Castle

16th May 2016

Hello again

It’s a short walk up to the castle from home, and back again.  Takes about an hour with a few stops to admire the views and watch the hares.  Here’s what it looked like today.

Up to Hume Castle and back again

The field opposite us is bright yellow with rapeseed:

Rapeseed – looking lovely at the moment

As we head uphill we see a hare in the field, he’s lying down having a doze in the sun:


As we get nearer, he hears us and flattens himself against the ground:


The views from the castle are good today:

That’s our yellow field in the middle of the picture
A bit misty over The Cheviots in the distance

And the hare’s still in the field when we’re on our way back down:


Awake now!

See you soon!

Golden Hare – mixed media on canvas (

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