Local walking…..

Thursday, 14th July 2016

Hello again!

Two blogs in one week!!  What next?!

Mr RR and I are on the local community association ‘Paths group’ which means we’re trying to get some local paths opened up around the village to encourage walkers and to allow local people access to some lovely countryside.  It’s a slow process though and currently there are only a couple of routes within walking distance of the village. I took myself off along one of these today – a 4 mile circular walk along quiet roads. Sometimes you can see hares but not today – I need to get out earlier next time.

Here’s a quick look at what I saw.


Ricketyrambler xx

Hume and Stenmuir circular (4 miles)

It’s a clear day and the views are good in all directions.

View towards Sweethope Hill

There’s a lovely ‘field of gold’ just down the road from home:


I spend some time taking pictures of wild flowers:

The Hogweed, so called because it was until recently gathered for pig fodder, is a common member of the parsley family.  They often attract orange soldier beetles at this time of the year although I didn’t notice any today.  They also apparently attract carpet beetles – which can move into houses and live in rugs and carpets.  The leaves used to be considered a delicacy and are said to taste like asparagus when boiled.

Creeping thistle – has a sweet musky smell which is very attractive to butterflies.  Although it produces seed, it also reproduces by means of a ‘creeping’ root system.
Rosebay Willowherb – also spreads by seed and horizontal roots which send up shoots at intervals.  Thrives on disturbed ground or ground which has been cleared by fire – one of it’s common names is ‘fireweed’.
Tufted vetch – climbing ladder like by means of branched tendrils this distinctive member of the pea family is common in hedgerows.
The Dog Rose – very common now in Scottish hedgerows – possibly named ‘dog’ because it was felt to be of no worth although some say that the ancient Greeks named it – Rosa canina –  because it was thought it could cure a man bitten by a mad dog.  It has proven to be a valuable medicinal plant as it’s hips are a rich source of vitamin C.

The Lesser Stitchwort, a very pretty and delicate flower common in woods and hedgerows.

The road goes uphill to the little hamlet of Stenmuir, passing the pig farm on the way which is very noisy and very smelly today!  And then its downhill again to the beef farm at Hardiesmill which breeds Aberdeen Angus cattle.

The castle is ahead of me now and the storm clouds are gathering:


On my right the sheep have stopped their grazing to wonder what I’m up to…..one is determined to have his picture taken and stares at me intently until I oblige and then he dips his head and carries on eating:

See you soon!

The Golden Fleeces – Andrew Major

Artwork for Ricketyrambler by Andrew Major – andrewmajorart.co.uk

2 thoughts on “Local walking…..

  1. Joanne July 16, 2016 / 4:56 pm

    I have enjoyed your post, because your photos are lovely and more helpful than any wild flower book I have. I do miss your narrative from your walks in Cornwall but look forward to learning more about the area that you visit now


    • ricketyrambler July 16, 2016 / 7:54 pm

      Thanks for your lovely comment…I miss Cornwall too, but Scotland is beautiful and hopefully I can get some more walking in here soon.


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