Dog walkers and oyster dredgers..

Monday, 6th April 2015 (Day 1, week 14)

Aiming for 1000 miles in one year

Total so far: 276.2 miles (4.7 miles this week)


Well – what a lovely day it is today.  We went for a walk around the Trelissick Estate taking in the Fal Estuary and Lamouth Creek along with about 3 million dog walkers!! Continue reading

The sound of birdsong

Saturday, 4th April 2015, (Day 6, week 13)

Aiming for 1000 miles in one year, an average of 20 miles a week.

So far I’ve walked 271.5 miles (20.5 miles this week)


Today the cliffs were alive with the sound of birdsong and Mr RR has a new toy! Continue reading

Rooftops on the Riverside

Wednesday 1st April 2015 (Day 3, week 13)


I once heard someone famous say that you should always remember to look up when you’re walking along so that you don’t miss important architectural features.  We didn’t have to do much looking up as a lot of houses along our way were below the level of the path – I got a bit fixated on the rooftops! This one’s even got a bell tower:


Continue reading