A Curfew of Curlews!

Monday, 11th May 2015

Good Afternoon

Sometimes it’s good to repeat a walk – hopefully you’ll remember the route so you don’t have your nose stuck in a book or be scouring a map most of the time.  The weather will be different, flowers will have bloomed, birds flown in – it’s altogether more relaxing.

Today we went back to Flushing and walked along the river.  It was warm and sunny and delightfully peaceful. Continue reading

Rooftops on the Riverside

Wednesday 1st April 2015 (Day 3, week 13)


I once heard someone famous say that you should always remember to look up when you’re walking along so that you don’t miss important architectural features.  We didn’t have to do much looking up as a lot of houses along our way were below the level of the path – I got a bit fixated on the rooftops! This one’s even got a bell tower:


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