It’s snowing where we are!

Sunday, 14th February 2016

Happy Valentines!!

It’s snowing here and so beautiful……

A 4 mile ramble near Hume

Mr RR and I got dressed up this morning and went for a quick ramble along the road and up the hill towards Stenmuir, a tiny hamlet nearby.  The sun was shining but the snow was a couple of inches deep.  It’s a lovely walk, and from the top of the hill at Stenmuir you can see for miles around.  I thought you might like to see some pictures……taken by Mr RR as I was in charge of the binoculars today!

By the way…..we saw a hare!  We’d already seen his paw prints in the snow and then, in the field we saw him!  He was ginormous…..bounding away from us across the snowy ground, and then, when he felt safe, he sat down and waited for us to move on.  No pictures sadly……we were too busy watching him, which sometimes is the right thing to do!

We also saw gorse, in flower.  Reminded me of Cornwall, where no doubt there is yellow gorse everywhere by now.  This is the first I’ve seen here….no daffodils yet though!

If it stops snowing……and right now that’s not looking very likely as it’s still falling from the sky as I write….we’re off to the coast tomorrow for a walk from Dirleton to North Berwick, one of our favourites!  So, fingers crossed that we can get there!

Hope you like the photos.

RR xx

Me, being a birder in charge of the binoculars…..I spotted a buzzard!
The view from our house.
The view towards Stenmuir
Across the fields


Sheep in the snow


The Golden Fleeces

Artwork for Ricketyrambler by Andrew Major

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