Ricketyrambler’s in Oxford!

Monday 25th May, 2015


Here’s a quick run through of our walk from our flat into Oxford City Centre today with some photos kindly taken by Mr RR.

I have treated myself to a brand new camera!  Tomorrow I will be taking it to the Oxford Botanical Gardens – so look out for lots of pretty pictures!!

Enjoy reading today

RR xx

Harcourt Hill to Oxford City Centre via the Thames Path (3 miles)

The first part of the walk into the city leads us down the hill and under the busy A34 via a subway.  It’s Bank Holiday Monday but nobody here seems to take the slightest notice of that – it’s business as usual with nose to tail traffic and all the shops open. It’s a bit of a shock for the likes of us who are more used to the quiet life!

Anyway, we’re soon walking along a path bordered by cow parsley and nettles beside a small stream.  On one side – fields of buttercups and on the other we pass a field of horses.IMG_0944 IMG_0946 IMG_0948

After a short while we cross a road and enter a small industrial estate to find the lane which takes us onto the Thames Path.  There are geese preening and pecking at the grass on the bank and black headed gulls on the water.  IMG_0957IMG_0959

Suddenly, we spot a kingfisher flying low past us, his beautiful turquoise feathers sparkling in the sunlight.  He lands across the river on a low branch and then quickly takes off again diving at full speed into the water.  He emerges with something in his beak but he’s so quick it’s difficult to see what, and then he’s off again further upstream. Lovely!

Just before a bridge there’s a large stone memorial telling us of a 21 year old young man, Edgar George Wilson, who died whilst saving two young boys from drowning in the river.

We follow the city centre signs, climbing up and over a bridge, whilst a little boat pootles away underneath us and then we’re amidst the shops and spires of Oxford. IMG_0961

We paid a visit to the Sheldonian Theatre, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, with its beautifully painted ceiling.  We climbed up into the cupola which gives spectacular panoramic views of that famous Oxford skyline:

IMG_0963 IMG_0965 IMG_0967 IMG_0969 IMG_0971

(Total walking this year 364 miles)

Associated artwork for Ricketyrambler by Mr RR:



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