A quick ramble around Perranuthnoe

Wednesday, 6th May 2015 (Day 3, week 18)

Aiming for 1000 miles in a year (and getting a bit behind!!)

Total so far: 334.6 miles (7.5 miles this week)


This is a walk we did last Wednesday – I’ve been a bit slow in getting it written up! Fierce winds kept us from high cliffs, so for a quick walk we popped down to Perranuthnoe and scurried around our favourite route. For a short walk, we saw a surprising amount of birdlife.

Afterwards we had a cuppa at The Cabin Beach Cafe (http://www.thecabinbeachcafe.co.uk) and then wandered up to the craft centre (http://www.perrancrafts.co.uk) for some Cornish wool and a birthday present.

Enjoy reading

Rickety xx

Perranuthnoe circular (2.9 miles)

The beach at Perranuthnoe was deserted except for a few oyster catchers pecking in the sand:

Oyster Catchers
Oyster Catchers

The track follows the coast around to Trenow Cove with views of St Micheal’s Mount along the way – although its a little misty and murky today:

St Micheal's Mount
St Micheal’s Mount

The way is lined with tamarisk and alexander plants:


Along the way we find ourselves in the flight path of a flock of swallows.  They don’t seem to mind us, so we stop and watch them flycatching, and manage to get a picture:

Swallow at Perranuthnoe
Swallow at Perranuthnoe

And then, a curlew flies low over our heads.  Looking down at the beach we see a whole flock of them on the sand – difficult to catch on camera as they’re so far away and well camouflaged:


We turn inland out of the strong winds and head uphill across farmland and between rows of blackthorn – good sloe collecting country later in the year . St Micheal’s Mount is gorgeous in the distance and in the fields lovely white cows, completely unmoved by our presence. DSCF1108 DSCF1110DSCF1111

Arriving back in Perranuthnoe we linger in the churchyard, but there’s a service or a practice going on inside so we don’t venture in.DSCF1114DSCF1115

This grave stone is covered in lovely silver grey lichen, which I’ll be able to tell you all about – once I’ve read the book!DSCF1116

Sand Martins, Sand Dunes, Sea Glint - Acrylic on Canvas
Sand Martins, Sand Dunes, Sea Glint – Acrylic on Canvas

Associated Artwork for Ricketyrambler by Andrew Major:



2 thoughts on “A quick ramble around Perranuthnoe

  1. Jean Francis May 8, 2015 / 9:09 pm

    Thank you, I really enjoy these – keep rambling!


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