A Quick Garden Ramble at Trewidden

Sunday 26th April 2015 (Day 7, week 16)

Aiming to walk 1000 miles in a year

Total so far 316.3 miles (10.9 miles this week)


As you can see, I’m getting a bit behind with the total milage which should be up to 320 miles for week 16.  So – I’ve had a lazy week.  Well, not really.  I had to go back to work this week which reduces the time left for walking.  Never mind, I’m hatching a plan to improve things.

Meanwhile, today we had a quick walk around Trewidden Gardens, which is just outside of Penzance.  We hadn’t visited before and were mighty impressed with their Spring displays of camellia and rhododendron not to mention the chocolate cake!


Lots of pictures in this post – just to give you a flavour – get down there if you can before the best of it is over, it’s worth a visit.


Rickety xx

Trewidden Garden, Buryas Bridge, Penzance (1.3 miles)

The 15 acres of garden at Trewidden have been owned and managed by the Bolitho family since the 19th century, when this site of an ancient tin mine was purchased by Edward Bolitho.  It houses one of Englands best collections of magnolias and rhododendron as well as over 300 varieties of camellia.DSCF1111 DSCF1112

The sites of the ancient open cast mines now contain an enormous collection of amazing tree ferns:

Towards Tree Fern Dell
Towards Tree Fern Dell



Dicksonia antartica or the Australian Soft Tree Fern were probably one of the first specimens introduced to Britian in the 19th century.

Just look at these uncurling – aren’t they amazing!

DSCF1122 DSCF1124 DSCF1123

I love them!

DSCF1132 DSCF1134

DSCF1135 DSCF1138

This amazing ‘Jelly Palm’, Butia capitata, is about 100 years old  and is coming to the end of its life.  It has suffered from from the damp climate and the visible damage was caused about 20 years ago when the north side of the tree was frozen – but it’s still standing.  It apparently produces fruit which make lovely jellies and jam in its native environment.

DSCF1139 DSCF1140

Lake with 'whale tail' sculpture
Lake with ‘whale tail’ sculpture

This solitary little mandarin duck was being given a hard time by the couple of mallards on the lake. Mandarin’s appear to particularly like lakes surrounded by rhododendron.

Mandarin Duck
Mandarin Duck

The phone box – just in case you need to make a call!

DSCF1145 DSCF1146 DSCF1147 DSCF1149

Isn’t this the most perfect specimen!


IMG_0899 IMG_0901

Finally, the Dawn Redwood – looking like a tree from The Hobbit – thought to be extinct at one time but then was found growing wild in China.  This tree dates from 1940s or 50s and was probably among the first to be planted in the gardens.


On Pilgrims Way-1

One thought on “A Quick Garden Ramble at Trewidden

  1. Suzy B April 26, 2015 / 7:32 pm

    Wonderful. Will be making a visit soon.


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