Ooops…….Rickety Rambler takes a tumble!

Friday, 20th March 2015 (Day 5, week 11)


What a lovely day it is here!   The sun is shining and the birds are singing and all is well with the world – except I’m a bit more rickety!  You know what I’m like…..always falling down! Not much damage, thankfully, just some bumps and bruises – ouch!

Out on a lovely walk with Ms B, looking at the view of St Micheal’s Mount, shimmering in the hazy sunshine, chatting away, instead of looking where I was going, when…….bump!  Down I went.  Never mind, we rambled on regardless.

Enjoy reading

Rickety (very)

Target: 1000 miles in one year (20 miles a week)

Achieved so far: 234.9 miles (target 220)

Achieved this week: 11.2 miles

Perranuthnoe circular via Boat Cove (2.7 miles)

Ms B and I took a jaunt down to Perranuthnoe this morning, a beautiful Spring day with a cloudless sky and just a little breeze.  We head uphill from the village, passing the church hall and turning left at the top.  A little way down the lane and we have a glorious view of St Micheal’s Mount emerging from the haze which is lying over Mounts Bay.

St Micheal's Mount
St Micheal’s Mount

Crossing a stile we enter the cauliflower field, following the track and looking at the views – here, turning my ankle on a grassy ridge I end up on the floor!

A few deep breaths and a quick lie down before Ms B is helping me up and we warily negotiate the next stony stile before starting downhill.  Looking to our left we catch sight of…surely, a ginger brown hare, sitting across the far side of a field.

Hare at Perranuthnoe
Hare at Perranuthnoe

As we watch he leaps around towards the hedge and then, a few seconds later emerges again with a mate beside him, scampering off over the hill. We are very excited and linger for a few minutes hoping he will return, but there are only a few grey rabbits left in the field and we move on.  Was it really a hare? Well Ms B thought so and she’s something of an aficionado in the hare department.  And I thought so too.  And why shouldn’t it be – a hare it was!

Mail Attachment

Down over the hill, through the kissing gates and up the other side, on the way hearing a buzzard mewing overhead, and stopping to watch him fly low over the field and across our path – hopefully he’s not after the hare!

Hunting Post
Hunting Post

As we walk along the top of the hill towards Marazion, St Micheal’s Mount becomes clearer and the view ahead shows us that it’s a very low tide. Turning left and arriving at the bottom of the hill, we reach the coast path that will take us back into Perranuthnoe for lunch.  The tide is way out and the sea flat calm although as we see when we detour onto the rocky beach at Boat Cove, it can be very rough here and the cliffs have suffered serious damage.

Boat Cove
Cliffs at Boat Cove
Cliffs at Boat Cove

Back up on the path and making our way along the newly made path to avoid the cliff erosion, we spot this little fellow, singing his heart out very loudly and we hear his mate answering him from not very far away – chaffinches of course.

DSCF1085 DSCF1084

Its a very rocky coastline here, and yet around the corner Perranuthnoe is a sandy beach.


Down on the rocks we can see oyster catchers and Ms B spots a solitary heron, standing in a rock pool and then taking flight to land nearer the shoreline.

Just around the corner is a field covered in polythene and we take a moment to discuss the environmental implications of all the polythene that covers the crops at this time of year. Soon though we’re entranced by its movement that resembles waves as the wind blows beneath the surface.


On the ground a ground beetle, in a great hurry, refuses to stop for a picture so I have to catch him on the move.

Ground beetle
Ground beetle

A little further on we hear a warbling bird – a willow warbler Ms B confidently assures me and as I’m in need of a cup of tea by now, I don’t disagree.

Perranuthnoe is in sight with its charming Cabin just above the beach and we’re soon sat in the sunshine watching the waves with hot drinks and bacon butties.


On Pilgrim's Way
On Pilgrim’s Way

Associated artwork for Ricketyrambler by Andrew Major:

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