All About the Colour

Friday, 13th March 2015 (Day 5, Week 10)


I’ve got my head full of colour today.

I went out for coffee this morning (thank you Ms D and Ms S!) and had a lovely lemon poppy seed cake full of a raspberry pink sauce, with raspberries on top. Then I went to the fabric shop and bought some rich red cottons in two different shades – I couldn’t make up my mind which one to have – anyway you can never have too much fabric! At home I sat in the yellow conservatory and looked out at the yellow daffodils in the garden.

I’m not usually a yellow person, but I seem to quite like it lately – as long as I don’t have to wear it!

Late in the afternoon I gave in to the urge to go for a walk and ventured up into the bluebell woods.  I hoped to be late enough to get some colourful sunset pictures but the timing was wrong and the gorgeous raspberry pink sunset only appeared after I got home.

Enjoy reading


Target: 1000 miles in one year (20 miles a week)

Achieved so far: 218.8 miles (Target 200 miles)

Achieved this week: 17.8 miles

Porthleven circular via Loe Pool and Loe Bar (5.5 miles)

I walked up the hill through the estate, turning right after the building site to walk along the high path which looks down on Loe Pool and Loe Bar. After the fog yesterday, the skies are bright and clear although there is a freezing north wind.  The view is clear right across to Tregonning Hill.

View to Tregonning Hill

The gorse is bright yellow in the sunlight and reminds me that I’ve got a ‘yellow’ sewing project to finish.

DSCF1142 All the way along the track high above the coast path I’m daydreaming about yellow, engrossed in planning and not thinking at all about where I’m going. I’m at my favourite spot above the lake, looking down at Carminoe Creek before I know it. Even this looks full of colour today.


Carminoe Creek, Loe Pool. Mixed media on canvas
Carminoe Creek, Loe Pool.
Mixed media on canvas

On through the big metal gates bordering the farm track (not designed for the rickety amongst us!) and down into the woods. I’m hoping to see signs that the bluebells are thriving and am pleased to say they look very healthy.  It’ll be another few weeks though before this wood is carpeted in blue.

Bluebell wood
Bluebell wood

Out of the wood and I’m on the path back to Loe Bar alongside the lake.  Overhead I can hear a pair of buzzards, they sound very close but I can’t see them anywhere. Out on the lake there’s very little to see apart from a few gulls, not even the herons.  I’m beginning to wonder where the herons are this year.

On the far side of the lake a farmer is hard at work in the fields still.  Look at these lovely straight lines!  Music to my sole – I love a straight line!


Getting nearer to Loe Bar and the trees are full of rooks all gossiping and arguing very loudly as they settle down for the evening.  I take a minute to look down at the lake, look at this tree – it really is growing like this, battered by the wind until its almost flat on the ground:


The sea is relatively calm and the sun is still quite high in the sky, so I take my time wandering along the coast path, hoping I’m going to get some sunset pictures.  On the way I see a pair of stonechats and the female co-operates by sitting still for a picture:

Female stonechat

Look at those dark skies though, it’s getting cloudy and hopes of a pretty sunset are fading.

DSCF1159It’s very blowy on the corner by the steps down and I’m watching my feet when I spot some more yellow:

Rock Lichen – Xanthoria Parietina

This is, I believe, a rock lichen called Xanthoria Parietina which is often found in sunny exposed places which are high in nitrogen – provided by sea birds on these cliffs.

Down over the hill and along the coast road into Porthleven, keeping my eye on the sunset – DSCF1166but it’s not until I’m back at the harbour and watching the surfers that the first glimmers of real colour appear.

DSCF1175I think about waiting around to see what occurs, but I’m cold and hungry and there’s a casserole in the oven and a bottle of wine to open!

On Pilgrim's Way
On Pilgrim’s Way

Associated artwork for Ricketyrambler by Andrew Major:

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