Hello world!

Well hello!

This blog is the story of my walking.  Let me tell you about it and why I’m rambling on here.

At the end of last year I had surgery on my shoulder, following which I was pretty inactive for 6 weeks or so.  Then one day early in the new year, my physio said that the best thing I could do now was to walk.  Walking gets your arms moving (it also distracts you from the nagging pain!).  The very next day my Country Walking magazine plopped through the letter box announcing the 2015 ‘walk 1000 miles in a year’ challenge.  For some reason, I instantly announced to Mr RicketyRambler that I was going to do this – walk 1000 miles in the next year.  ‘Ha!’ he replied. ‘That’s about 20 miles a week, every week’.  ‘Ha ha’ said I.  ‘I will!’  And so it began.

After the first walk, I decided I had to keep some sort of record otherwise a) I would be tempted to overguestimate the miles walked (a bit like calories but the other way round) and b) no-one would ever believe I’d done it!  So I wrote a diary of the walk and sent it to Mr RR and our offspring, Ms RR and the Messrs RR and also to my lovely friend Ms B.  All were enthusiastic and have been very encouraging, so – to make it easier to access, I’ve decided to make the diaries into a blog – and here it is!

Why ricketyrambler?  Well, first, it’s really difficult to find a blog title that someone hasn’t already got and second, when I looked up ‘rickety’ the meaning was so right: ‘aged’ ‘imperfect’ and ‘dilapidated’ is exactly me!

Anyway…..feel free to read (or not) and comment.  Also – please remember that these posts are just my ramblings, they are what I remember of each walk, what stuck in my mind, what interested me.  In no way should they be used to plan your own walking – if you want to walk one of these walks – do it safely – get a map, wear the right gear, watch the weather and then have fun!

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Suzy B February 16, 2015 / 8:31 am

    What a wonderful year I am going to have reading these Mrs RR. Thank you. Ms B.


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